Top Cuban Heritage Cigars

These cigars are as close to Havana as it gets

Cuba has long been celebrated – actually, prized – as being home to some of the finest cigars in the world. And because demand for true Habanos is so intense, Cubans are now among the most counterfeited cigars on the market. Fake Cubans aside, there’s a special group of “Cuban Heritage” cigars that have taken a very important role in smoking folklore; these are top-notch premium cigars that are made in the Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Nicaragua, but share the same name as their storied Havana counterparts – and are made to remind you of those legendary Cuban cigars of old.

  • Montecristo Cigars

    Montecristo Cigars

    Montecristo Relentless lives up to the name by offering up a heaping scoop of Nicaraguan tobaccos wrapped in a golden Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. But it’s by no means a mild-mannered Monte. Its full flavor comes from additional Brazilian Mata Fina filler and a San Andres binder, making for just a touch of sweetness.

    This one is well worth your time.

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  • H. Upmann Cigars

    H. Upmann Cigars

    The H. Upmann Sun Grown doesn’t stray from its heritage. The wrapper is sun grown in Ecuador, renowned for producing some of the sweetest wrapper leaf on the planet. The broadleaf binder is a flavor workhorse, when combined with the Nicaraguan and Honduran fillers.

    Flavorful and complex, that’s H Upmann Sun Grown.

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  • Punch Cigars

    Punch Cigars

    Punch delivers an “authentic“ full-bodied Cuban profile, blended in Honduras with the richest tasting tobaccos. Sucker Punch boasts a medium bodied blend that hits you with a wallop full of flavor when you least expect it – that’s the Nicaraguan ligero core and Cameroon binder at work, wrapped in Ecuadorian Connecticut.

    These make a strong case to earn and maintain a spot in your humidor.

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  • La Gloria Cubana Cigars

    La Gloria Cubana Cigars

    La Gloria Cubana Gilded Age combines Nicaraguan viso and Ligero with Honduran binders for a classic looking and tasting cigar. The Ecuadorian Sumatra Oscuro wrapper adds a bold and rich payoff. You could call this “a real cigar smoker’s cigar.” The smoke is thick, smooth, and creamy right out of the gate, and much like the original La Gloria line, Gilded Age is thick with flavors appealing to a wide swath of cigar smokers.

    Try one today. We guarantee you will want another.

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  • Hoyo De Monterrey Cigars

    Hoyo De Monterrey Cigars

    This version of Hoyo has developed a massive following of cigar smokers who know good, full flavor when they taste it. It’s now considered to be ‘the authentic Honduran,’ a full bodied powerhouse with a really deep flavor coming from long aged Honduran, Nicaraguan, and Dominican tobaccos.

    Try one today and you see what authentic can really taste like.

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  • Romeo y Julieta Cigars

    Romeo y Julieta Cigars

    After the Cuban embargo, production of Romeo y Julieta cigars moved to the Dominican Republic. Already one of the most popular cigars in America, Romeo has stepped up their game with the House of Capulet, a sharper, sleeker blend of Honduran and Nicaraguan fillers, Nicaraguan binder, and Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper.

    After your first one, we predict you’ll fall in love faster than it’s namesake.

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  • Cohiba Cigars

    Cohiba Cigars

    The Dominican red dot version offers incredibly smooth sweet flavor, and gives mild bodied smokers an easy transition to medium bodied offerings - and even allows full bodied smokers to enjoy a hell of a cigar with great flavor for more special occasions. Full of flavor, this is a home run of a cigar.

    Try one of the most legendary names in cigars, and you’ll soon be asking for them by name.

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  • Saint Luis Rey Cigars

    Saint Luis Rey Cigars

    These are true to the original Saint Luis Rey characteristics of oily, dark, smooth wrappers, and very full body. They also give off an incredibly attractive aroma. There’s plenty of dark and spicy flavor in the Nicaraguan Habano wrapper and binder over a zesty core of Honduran and Nicaraguan long fillers. Saint Luis Rey Serie G burns well and blooms into a rich smoke.

    Try them when you’re looking for a great premium cigar at a modest price.

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  • Fonseca Cigars

    Fonseca Cigars

    Made by Quesada in the Dominican Republic since 1963, Fonseca cigars are mellow-smoking Dominican cigars that offer rich and creamy flavors, and are still renowned for their sensational aroma. Fonseca Serie F cigars are heartier, blended with a robust mix of Cuban-seed Ligero from the Dominican, then patiently barrel-aged to achieve a rich flavor and aroma.

    Savory? Absolutely. Worth your time? Always!

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  • Partagas Cigars

    Partagas Cigars

    Partagas cigars originated in Cuba in 1845. For this commemorative 1845 Dominican-made edition, they've created a more complex full-bodied cigar rolled in Ecuadorian-grown Habano wrapper leaf over spicy Nicaraguan Seco and Dominican ligero tobaccos. The 1845 is rich – These are heavy hitting flavor bombs.

    Try one today and taste the difference over 170 years of experience can make.

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